HOMEpdx is a community of folks indoors and outdoors. We try to live out our mission statement of “loving people face-to-face” through everything we do. We are a non-profit 501c3 started in April 2007 by Ken Loyd. HOMEpdx is now run by Pastor Bruce Arnold, along with Gus Kroll, Hannah Hobbs and Garrette Eastwood. We have found that creating an atmosphere of home, acceptance, hope and love (our core values) is the greatest way to show the love of Jesus.

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  1. George Neavoll
    George Neavoll April 24, 2014 at 11:49 pm · Reply

    Brother Bruce –

    It was so good to have you speak with our men’s Bible study group at St. Stephen’s on Wednesday. I am certain the men felt as blessed as I to have had you in our midst.

    I especially appreciated your remarks on truly meaning it when you say ALL are welcome at HOMEpdx. Father Dennis says the same, over and over, at St. Stephen’s – which is only one reason why your presence and your witness are so important to us.

    Thank you for the work you went to, compiling the Old and New Testament references to the giving spirit of our God. I read the Deuteronomy verses from the Old Testament and the Matthew verses from the New in my Bible reading this morning, and will work my way down the list in coming days. They illustrate so clearly the work we are called to do, in church, at home and on the street.

    Again, you have my gratitude for all you do –

    George Neavoll

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