Street Names

So I have a new street name. And before I let it out of the bag let me back up a minute.

Earlier this month as we were handing out sack lunches in the south Park Blocks we got into a great conversation with Sasquatch. Yes, that’s a street name. He was telling us about how these things work, that you are given a street name most of the time, and you don’t get to reject them. Usually something happens and you get stuck with a name because of it, or you remind people of some character, or a part of your story resonates with the group and bingo – you’ve got a street name. Pretty simple.

Most of the time I’m downtown I go by my real name (many of our friends don’t) so I’m Bruce, or Pastor Bruce, or sometimes Brother Bruce (my preference but whatever). Other times people call me Burrito Man or Coffee Guy because they know me as the guy who hands out burritos on Tuesday evenings or walks around with hot coffee on Wednesday mornings. I kind of like those names.

Last week I was informed that a new street name has been given to me, and at first I really didn’t like it. I’m already struggling with the thing that it’s all about and it kinda hurt. For a day or two. Strangely, it’s been growing on me, and already I kinda like it. To the point that my plans to remove said feature have been put on hold. For a bit. We’ll see where this lands, but for now, I’m Crazy Hair. The picture shows you why (if you haven’t seen me for a while).

Crazy Hair. I can live with that.

Bruce with tight unruly curls