Pastor Luke and Pastor Bruce

Around four years ago, while serving with a small church in SE Portland, my friend and pastor AJ came up to me and said there was this place called HOMEpdx, and they were looking for communities like ours to partner…

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Ordination and Community

A little over a month ago, I was standing in the corner of a crowded parish hall in the church where we share space.  The room was full of our friends and community, finishing up our lunchtime meal.  A few…

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Coffee, Camps, and the Kingdom of God

Early Wednesday morning this week, we got up and went out on the streets of Portland to bring coffee, hot chocolate, and some simple snacks to our friends.  This has been something we have done at HOMEpdx for a while….

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What does living outside mean?

Our friends over at Love Wins put this up recently.  I ask that you read through, and think about each of these.  Here are a few of them.   “Being homeless means wearing clothes you did not pick out.”  …

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Yes, I’m a slow learner.  You’d think I would know about this one already.  See, it turns out that simply being present means something.  Before any words or scripture references are let loose the Spirit is already moving.  And this…

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