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Our mission is not to hand out supplies.  It is to be a friend to our friends.  But one thing friends do is share resources.  So we always try to have supplies on hand that are needed by our friends.  We also try to only have quality items, because if your friend needed something you wouldn’t go and find the lowest quality thing to give them.  Here is our current wish list of items we need.  If you are able, please send them our way.

  • Men’s crew socks (both black and white)
  • Gift cards to RiteAid & Safeway, any amount.  We use these to fill prescriptions for our friends, & to buy food & supplies.
  • Travel-sized toiletries: Right now we need deodorant, foot powder (Gold Bond is best), and razors.
  • McDonald’s, Subway or other restaurant gift cards so we can take people out to eat & talk.
  • Tri-Met one-day or one-trip passes to assist in getting people to various appointments; medical, job & otherwise.

We’re also gearing up for winter. We’d love to have 100 sleeping bags and 1000 hand warmers to help our friends survive the cold nights. While it’s great to experience the giving spirit in December the need for these items will start in October. Can you help us gear up before then?

  • Sleeping bags should be 20 degree, dark colors only (black is best), and as durable as possible. There is an Army surplus bag out there, usually about $40, that fits the bill perfectly but it’s not easy to find them. Here’s an example from Amazon.
  • Remember – if you’re ordering from Amazon we are a Smile partner. Look us up in their system as “Homepdx Church”
  • Hand warmers should be long-lasting, like 8 hours or so.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!

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