What We Do

We gather as community of folks who live inside and outside.

This is the heart of who we are, and how we show our heart (and God’s) for our friends:
• Share meals – Lunch on Sunday, and a light dinner on Tuesday. The importance is placed on eating together as a community desiring intimacy and relationship.
• Share hope – Listen to each others stories, and let each other know we are worth something even when times are rough. Through our connections with each other and outside resources we do what we can to meet real needs.
• Share supplies – When we have the resources in hand, we share anything from: socks, toiletries, backpacks, tarps, sleeping bags and much more. By meeting needs through relationship we ensure that these resources are given directly to our friends.
• Share ourselves – By being present, by meeting up with our friends at other times as needed, and by being part of a committed team that keeps HOMEpdx running. This team is all-volunteer based and is made up of folks who live outdoors and indoors. We meet twice a month in addition to weekly community gatherings.
• Help others connect – We invite you to join us. We strive to create a safe environment for our friends and anyone who would seek to join our community. Some volunteers simply help as needed. Others join the HOMEpdx team or form a food group to bring the Sunday meal once every two months. If you’re interested in connecting, please email us or refer to our contact page.

We are people trying to figure out life together. We welcome others to join us if they want to be part of our community.


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