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Friends help friends when they can. Among our friends living outdoors there are some common needs (socks, razors, etc.) and some less common needs (sleeping bags and so on). With either our goal is to help as friends and not as a hand out or a “gimmie.” This means we give things out face-to-face and we respond to special needs as they come up in conversations. When you gift us with items from the list below you can know that they will go where they are actually needed and they will be part of us telling our friends that they are worth something. Thank you for considering being a part of this work.

Common items:

  • Men’s crew socks (both black and white)
  • Gift cards to RiteAid & Safeway, any amount.  We use these to fill prescriptions for our friends, & to buy food & supplies.
  • Travel-sized foot powder (Gold Bond is best) and razors (two blades or more).
  • McDonald’s, Subway or Starbucks gift cards.
  • Tri-Met one-day or one-trip passes to assist in getting people to various appointments; medical, job & otherwise.

Cold weather gear. We’re also always gearing up for winter. While it’s great to experience the giving spirit in December the need for these items will start in October and go into March. Can you help us keep our friends warm?

  • Sleeping bags should be 20 degree, dark colors only (black is best), and as durable as possible. There is an Army surplus bag out there, usually about $40, that fits the bill perfectly but it’s not easy to find them. Here’s an example from Amazon.
  • Remember – if you’re ordering from Amazon we are a Smile partner. Look us up in their system as “Homepdx Church” or use the hotlink http://smile.amazon.com/ch/26-3637460.
  • Hand warmers should be long-lasting, like 8 hours or so.
  • Durable blankets.

Camping gear. Gus regularly tells folks that anything that you’d want on “the camping trip from hell” is probably something some of our friends would like as well (DON’T BUY THESE THINGS NEW but if you find them used or collecting dust in your basement we’d love to pass them along):

  • Quality 2 man tents

Big asks. Some things we really need to continue to reach out to our outdoor friends. Talk to us, please, if you might be able to help with one of these.

  • Food teams to prepare, deliver and serve a hot meal once every two months. We ask for 200 servings, no small task, but we’ve enjoyed support from churches, families and small groups that have made this work. We have a number of Wednesday dinner slots.
  • Monthly supporters. One-time donations are helpful. Monthly supporters are the foundation we stand on. They allow us to budget and do our work month after month all year long. Right now we’re trying to raise enough to start a new outreach offering a day space for sleeping. Only one other space exists for this downtown and they are about to lose their lease.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!

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  1. pickler
    pickler · December 20, 2015 at 19:50:24 · →

    My friend Kelli Rull sent me in your direction. My lady and I would like to donate some clothing and supplies to people in need. the donations consist mostly of lightly used garments, from durable workwear to casual/professional shirts for him and handbags+ semi fashionable garments for her.

    1. Gus Kroll
      Gus Kroll · June 11, 2016 at 17:07:26 · →

      We have (obviously) been really bad about keeping up on the web-page lately. If this is something you’re still interested in doing feel free to shoot us an email homepdxchurch@gmail.com or my direct email is gus.homepdx@gmail.com

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