We are unique, and much of that is a part of our ongoing rhythms. We intentionally work towards:

Community. Not just a place to hang out and get stuff, but a real community that loves and takes care of each other. Every week we are together, we see evidence of this taking root and growing in beautiful ways.
Loving each other face-to-face. We all sit amongst each other as friends. We listen, share, encourage and sometimes even cry together. We are not behind a counter or up in front – we are in the midst of our friends taking part in community.
Laughing. A community that laughs and plays together is a thriving community. Everything from hosting BINGO and water balloon fights, to just good old fashioned humor creates a key dynamic that is missing from so many of our lives.
At Peace. The atmosphere during HOMEpdx is usually very peaceful. Our community strives to love our neighbors and respect each other as equals in everything that we do. When we are together, we stand as a stark contrast to life outside, where an individual is often confronted with the reality of violence.

The mission of HOMEpdx is pretty simple, loving people face-to-face, but the complexity of the meaning is mirrored in the stories of our friends and the depths of our relationships. The small things that we offer to meet needs pale in comparison to the importance of loving community and authentic relationships. The fact is that it takes a whole team of ministries to help everyone in downtown Portland, OR (currently around 7000 people). We are just one part, unique and hopefully of value to the whole effort.

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