What does living outside mean?

What does living outside mean?

Our friends over at Love Wins put this up recently.  I ask that you read through, and think about each of these.  Here are a few of them.

“Being homeless means wearing clothes you did not pick out.”
“Being homeless means eating what they give you.”
“Being homeless means having to hear a sermon before you can eat.”
 “Being homeless means paying 25 cents to pee.”
“Being homeless means you are supposed to be thankful the county will let six of you take a shower each week. During the day. When you could be looking for a job.”


Many of these I have heard from my friends living outside.  Some I have seen first hand as I have spent time with my friends.  But as someone who lived indoors, I have never really experienced the reality of any of them.  Yet for many of our friends who live outside, these things are a daily occurrence.

And as a follower of Jesus, I must also as ask this:  How can we, as individuals and as the church, live in such a way as to make these things non-existent?


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