The Joy of 15 Uninterrupted Minutes in the Bathroom

Today was an exciting first. Today I spent no money and yet was able to give a friend of ours a nice, tangible, quality of life boost. But it’s only because I’m fortunate to be able to be downtown so consistently that this sort of thing came about.

I’d heard that a friend’s church downtown had a washer and dryer and started asking about getting access to it (turns out they were in the process of adding a new shower in one of their bathrooms as well). After a number of emails back and forth, today worked out as the first day I had access. It’s only for a couple hours, 3 days a week (and the time we do have is not super convenient for me) and it means coordinating with some of our friends to haul their laundry in from their camp and be very punctual (a tall order sometimes).

While the person I’d scheduled to do laundry for didn’t show up at the agreed upon meeting place, another of our friends was there and was elated to have the chance to take a shower without someone watching a clock and yelling at him once his 15 min in the bathroom was up.

If you follow me on social media at all you know we are always on the hunt for new financial backers to support this work. Most of the funds we get then goes into one expense: payroll. But this is a great example of what we’re able to do just by showing up. It’s more than just being a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, or a shoulder to cry on (though sometimes we get to do that too and that’s no small thing).

We continue to hope to add to these little quality of life boosters and we’ll try and keep you in the loop as we’re able to do so.